Just spoke to Robyn. Chemotherapy is working, she will only need to get one more round of chemotherapy for now. "The doctor said I am in remission," Robyn told me. She will get a year of another type of treatment that may make her eligible for a  transplant that will solve the cancer problem once and for all. She feels great because she has something to work towards.
Donate to the Robyn Fund to help her pay for treatment and the other care she needs. She recently was denied access to a scientific study that would have provided her with a bone marrow  transplant. We need to find another way to pay for state of the art treatment to keep Robyn here with us alive and well. 
just got this email from Robyn, it went out to the lists so I think okay to put a bit of it here. She wrote, "Please do not forget who you are and be proud of what you do everyday. I am going through a lot of self searching at this time in my life and have found it extremely hard and liberating. I find myself contemplating life after death and what could be next. I pray (I have never used this term before, but I find myself doing it a lot) that the year will be better for us all.  Hope you all had fun last night and that you have a speedy recovery today. I am sending as much love as I can to you all."